WHALE 12V Electric Water Heater For Small Craft !!
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This is Simply Brilliant. A 12v water heater, that fits into small spaces and eliminates the need for LPG ! A quality unit made by Whale. <br/> <br/>This unit brings hot water to small Runabouts and Sailing Vessels , where in the past, it simply wasn't possible! <br/> <br/> Perfect for outboards, this water heater connects to a 12V power supply, meaning there is no need for a generator, inverter or shore power. This special design means that it can fit in compact spaces and "electric only" means that installation is no longer tied to the engine room—so you can fit it in the galley, transom or other storage areas, simplifying installation and allowing for more space on board. It offers rapid heat-up time with hot water in less than an hour and is highly efficient with heat retention up to 10 hours! <br/> <br/>Ideal for deck showers and warming wet suits <br/>12V <br/>Integrated temperature and pressure valve <br/>Thermal cut-out and heat indication output <br/>Integrated anode for longer life <br/>Relay allows for switching at the helm for ease of use and control <br/>Overall dimensions: 368 x 355 x 330mm (14.5" x 14" x 13") <br/>CAPACITY 11.8 Litres <br/>AMPERAGE 30 Amps <br/> <br/>**PLEASE NOTE THIS IS VERY HIGH CURRENT DEVICE SO YOU WILL NEED A GOOD BANK OF HIGH AMP HOUR BATTERIES AND A CHARGING SOURCE*** WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE UNIT NOT WORKING DUE TO POOR QUALITY POWER SUPPLY ****