Remote Control LED Spot Search Light with Pan/Tilt
Only $299.00


At the touch of a button, pan and tilt a powerful beam of light where you need it, without reaching/stepping outside your vehicle. Plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, it's capable of producing 3,200 Lumens of white light reaching over 1000m, making it ideal for use in search and rescue missions, hunting or general spot lighting. You don't have to be stationery to use the light, the base features a magnetic base with rubber pad which ensures strong grip mounted on the roof of your car, 4WD, truck or boat. The remote will even allow you to operate the light up to 100m away; handy for searching on foot, tracking game or doing work around the campsite. Specifications: * Power: 50W * Voltage: 12VDC * Wireless remote control (100m range) * On/off, 360° pan & 120° tilt range * Colour temperature: 6500K * LEDs: 10 x 5W High Intensity XTE by Cree * Light output: 3200 lumens * Effective Range: 1000m+ * Base Design: Ferrite magnetic + rubber vacuum pad * Dimensions: 230(H) x 185(W) x 150(D)mm