SUCTION CUP TIE DOWNS 2, Ideal for SUP ,Kayaks etc
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These handy little suction cups have lots of different uses and are ideal for attaching loose items to SUPs, Kayaks, or the deck of a boat. Anywhere where there is a perfectly smooth surface. <br/> <br/>Quality Made by Airhead. <br/> <br/>Suction Cup is Activated by Mechanical Lever <br/> <br/>Versitile Duraflex Wide Gate Spring Hook <br/> <br/>Heavy Duty Webbing <br/> <br/>Cup Diameter 70mm <br/> <br/> <br/>**PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS WITH THE WEIGHT OF ITEM THAT IS BEING TIED DOWN, AND IF A CRITICAL ITEM DO NOT RISK USING, USE A PERMANENT SCREWED IN TIE DOWN POINT**** <br/> <br/>Sorry the manufacturer doesnt publish weight limits as its totally dependent on the smoothness of the surface the tie down is being adhered to.