Keter, CUBE Woodlook Planter, Medium
Only $57.00


¦Designed to have the durability of resin and the natural beauty, texture and appearance of wood. <br/>¦Pairs beautifully with a range of décor, from rustic chic to elegant and contemporary. <br/>¦Its practical cube shape allows it to easily be placed in corners. <br/>¦Double-wall structure gives this piece excellent sturdiness. <br/>¦Has a drainage plug, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. <br/>¦Fully weather-resistant, this planter can also be used to bring a bit of rustic style to the outdoors. <br/>¦UV protection ensures color won’t fade. <br/> <br/> If your style tends towards rustic charm and natural beauty, the Cube Planter M is just what you're looking for. This planter is made out of a unique resin that gives it the texture, appearance and gorgeousness of wood with the durability and weather resistance of high-quality resin. This planter can be used to bring a little extra style to indoor or outdoor spaces and fits in easily with elegant, contemporary décor. <br/>¦Made out of a unique resin <br/>¦Double-walled <br/>¦Elegant wooden look and texture <br/>¦Cube shape <br/>¦Weather-resistant and UV protected <br/>¦Drainage plug <br/> <br/>Measurements 40cm High 39cm Wide 39cm Back <br/> <br/>LISTING IS FOR ONE UNIT ONLY