Mercury 8HP , Two Stroke , Short Shaft, 2017, NEW
Only $2349.00


2017 Mercury 8Hp, Two Stroke, Short Shaft, Light Weight ,Outboard <br/> <br/> 5 years on Warranty, if serviced with Mercury Genuine Parts , and Mercury Service Agent. <br/> <br/>Please allow a few days for me to preservice and register outboard <br/> <br/>Propshaft Rated Horsepower 8hp (6kW) <br/>Max. RPM @ 5500 <br/>Cylinders 2 <br/>Displacement 10.3 cu in (169cc) <br/>Bore/Stroke 50mm x 43mm <br/>Cooling System Water-cooled, with thermostat <br/>Ignition Capacitor discharge <br/>Starting Manual <br/>Gear Ratio 2.08:1 <br/>Gear Shift F-N-R <br/>Steering Tiller <br/>Alternator System Optional 6amp <br/>Trim Positions 3 <br/>Fuel Tank Separate 12 litres <br/>Weight 1 26kg <br/>Propeller Drive Splined rubber hub <br/>Shaft Length (Inches) 15 <br/>Shaft Length (mm) 381 <br/>Induction System Loop-charged (1 carb) <br/>Oil Injection Pre-mix <br/>Warranty 3 +2 = 5 years <br/>Corrosion Warranty 3 years <br/> <br/>Price may Vary from T.M to my Website. <br/> <br/> <br/>***SAVE ON THE NEW PRICE**** <br/> <br/>Feel free to enquire about a quote for other, Low Hour , As New, Mercury Outboards I may have in stock.