UNIDEN DFR5NZ 360° Laser/L2/L3 Radar Detector
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Reduce the pleasure of the speed camera Nazis with this Quality Radar Detector Uniden DFR5NZ <br/>360° Laser/L2/L3 Radar Detector VOICE alert and easy to read dot matrix display <br/>Tuned for NZ Redflex Mobile Speed Cameras <br/> <br/>Key Features <br/>Ultra Clear Voice Alert <br/>Redflex Digital Speed Camera Detection <br/>X, K, Ka SuperWideband Detection <br/>Band On/Off Selection <br/>Easy to read Dot Matric display <br/>VG2 Undetectable <br/>Signal Strength Meter <br/>12V DC Cig Lead Adaptor <br/>City/Highway Modes <br/>Mute/Dim <br/>Rotary Volume On/Off <br/>12V DC Cig Lead Adaptor <br/>Suction Mount <br/>Included in the box: <br/>LRD750 radar detector <br/>Straight 12V DC Power Cord <br/>Windshield Mounting Bracket <br/>Hook and loop fastener tape <br/>Spare fuse for DC Power Cord <br/> <br/>Specifications: <br/>Box Dimension Size: 256H x 172W x 64D mm <br/>Product Weight: 300g <br/> <br/>Price may Vary from TM to my Website <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>