BLINDSIDE CRUZ Wakeboard Bindings L
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One pair of BLINDSIDE CRUZ Wakeboard Bindings. Size L, <br/> <br/> APROXIMATE ONLY size 5 to 8 THESE ARE A VERY TIGHT FIT AND MAY REQUIRE BOILING WATER TO SOFTEN AND PALMOLIVE TO GET INTO <br/> <br/>This is a close out item, at way below retail prices. Therefore no returns or warranty available. Please do not buy if this is an issue to you. <br/> <br/>MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION TO CLEAR. <br/> <br/>$100 below distributor Wholesale Price !!! <br/> <br/>PHOTO IS THE SAME AS THE L BINDINGS BUT INCORRECTLY SHOWS XL WHICH ARE IDENTICAL.. THESE BINDINGS ARE DEFINITELY LARGE ONLY AND A VERY SMALL FITTING LARGE AT THAT <br/> <br/> <br/>PLEASE NOTE : These bindings are an extremely tight fit. Trying to fit them while dry may be difficult. Palmolive dish washing liquid is recommended. Additionally soaking them in warm water will help. Also there is an adjustment to let the straps out , plus the top edge of the straps can be trimmed back with sharp scissors or a stanley knife. These will all help. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>Mr Marine Ltd.. DEALS, Quality Products At Deal Prices <br/> <br/>