DOMETIC ACX40, Freidge , LOST CLAIM 1424 B688058 Ticket Number
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<p>**TAKEN OUT OF BOX TO DISPLAY ONLY IN SHOWROOM ******  UNUSED </p><p></p><p><!--EndFragment-->PHOTO IS NOT THE UNIT,  JUST A GENERIC PIC FROM DOMETIC WEBSITE<br/><br/><span style="font-family: inherit;">Silent operation, maximum independence, and great design</span><br/></p><p><br/>**GAS REGULATOR NOT INCLUDED $30 EXTRA**<br/><br/>Enjoy the great outdoors even more with the Dometic Combi Cool ACX40 Portable 3-Way Fridge. It runs on 12V DC in the vehicle and on 230V AC at home or on the campsite. In the great outdoors, you can simply switch over to gas mode. Now that can give you a total sense of freedom and independence during your trip because you don't have to worry about a viable power source. The cooler comes in an attractive yet sturdy design with a distinctive lid, while the silent operation means it won't disturb you! The evaporator provides space for an ice cube tray (included). <br/><br/> Aluminium housing with a distinctive lid make for a sturdy and attractive design.<br/><br/> 3-stage flame regulation in gas mode, piezo ignition, thermostat regulation in 230-volt mode.<br/><br/> Evaporator provides space for an ice tray.<br/><br/><br/>•Powered by gas, 12 V DC and 230 V AC – guaranteed<br/> energy supply, maximizes freedom!<br/><br/>•Absolutely silent operation means no disturbance<br/>•Sturdy housing, attractive design with strong integrated handles<br/>•Ice cube tray included<br/>•Cooling up to 30°C below ambient temperature (Down to 3 Degrees C)<br/>•Three-stage flame regulation in gas mode<br/>•Easy-start piezo ignition<br/><br/>•Flame view inspection port<br/>Dometic Combi Cool ACX40 Portable 3-Way Fridge Specifications:<br/>•Storage volume: 35 litres<br/>•Power: Voltage: 240V AC, 12V DC, both 85w<br/>•Width: 500mm<br/>•Height:444mm<br/>•Depth: 508mm<br/>•Weight (approx.) 15kg<br/>•LPG: 10.5g/hr on high, 35 days on 9kg bottle<br/>Accessories *** Regulator/Hose assy, Item No. AC-GAS-HOSE (NOT INCLUDED)***<br/>Warranty 6 months<br/><br/>PRICE MAY VARY FROM TM TO MY WEBSITE<br/>**SAVE ON NEW PRICE***</p>