Omni-directional, TV Antenna / Aerial, AMPLIFIED
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Marine & RV TV antennas have to be omnidirectional (able to receive TV signals from any direction) because a boat under way or swinging at anchor is constantly changing its bearing to the TV transmitter - similar to travelling vehicles also. 200mm in diameter - smallest Omnidirectional antenna available · Digital ready · Superb performance on UHF TV bands · High gain / low noise ampli?er maximises the available signal · Quick and easy to install and remove · Light emitng diodes con?rm correct connection · Neat Installation · Maintenance free - non corroding materials · Light and strong · Comes complete with mast, mounts and cables AT 8022 - OMNIPRO UHF TV ANTENNA About TV Antennas Because omnidirectional antennas receive signals from all directions, weaker re?ected signals (multipath) may cause loss of audio and video on a digital TV. Multipath is noticeable in marinas where there are a lot of rejected signals from the number of TV masts present. Snug bays or remote campsites are often in the fringe coverage areas where the signal can be weak and variable. The AT8022 will make the most of a weak signal; no antenna can produce a picture where there is a no coverage. A top quality Uniden television is the smart choice for a boat or RV