DOMETIC Waeco CFX35 W Compressor Fridge
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Top Quality WAECO Brand, CFX35 Compressor Fridge Due to the optimization of the outside dimensions, this Compressor fridge/freezer fits easily in the car or the boat. Even with high ambient temperatures, the cooling is excellent and of course the freezing as well. Full Electronic Control, including Temperature Display, and Turbo Mode for fast cooling for Day Sailing. The CFX 35W gives you the convenient option of controlling and monitoring the cooling temperature by WiFi 34.5 litre fridge/freezer for refrigeration or deep-freezing with CFX VMSO2 electronics The CFX-35 has an internal capacity of 34.5 litres and fits 47 cans and up to a standard Champagne bottle. It has a single zone fridge/freezer compartment and can be used as a fridge or a freezer. It includes a basket with removable divider and also features a dairy compartment for your perishables. Key benefits Configuration: Fridge/freezer (fridge/freezer compartment + dairy section) Genuine WAECO compressor, CFX VMSO2 electronics with soft start and turbo cooler Strong drop down handles and USB port Robust metal hinge design and sturdy lid latch Generous lid seal gasket with air pocket Warranty: 3 year full warranty + additional 2 year (parts Capacity (l)34.5 Height (mm)411 Width (mm)398 Depth (mm)630 Weight (kg)17.5 Thermostat typeElectronic Voltage 230V AC 110V AC 24V DC 12V DC **SAVE ON RETAIL PRICE***