Motorola Long Range Cordless Phone CTMT0212
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<p>New Motorola Long Range Cordless Phone  , with inbuilt Answer Phone</p><p><br/></p><p>These phones are proving to be very popular with City, Rural &amp; Commercial customers as the Rugged handsets plus longer range are great in a variety of situations.<br/><br/> Includes;<br/><br/>- Up to 1km ‘LOS’ range when using long antenna<br/><br/>- Both standard &amp; long antennas included<br/><br/>- Register up to 11 handsets<br/><br/>- Large 1.8” full colour display<br/><br/>- Backlit keypad<br/><br/>- Caller ID &amp; Call waiting<br/><br/>- Dust &amp; Waterproof durable h/set to IP67 rating – (up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes)<br/><br/>- 200 name &amp; number phonebook<br/><br/>- up to 25 minutes digital record time on TAM<br/><br/>- Location free base – (can be away from charge stand)<br/><br/>- Up to 12 hrs ‘talktime’ or 250 hrs ‘standby’ time<br/><br/>- Inductive charging + Ni-MH battery pack<br/><br/>- Hands-free speakerphone<br/><br/>These phones use 1.8GHZ</p>