DC to DC Battery Charger, 20 Amp , Charge your Spare Battery
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<p>This handy DC to DC Charger Allows you to Charge your Spare battery on the Boat, Caravan, or Car from the  existing 12v Power Source</p><p>Multi Stage</p><p>12.5 V DC to 16 V DC</p><p>Charging range, 13.3 V to 16.2 V , stops charging when alternator output in vehicle, or battery, is less than 12.V</p><p>Output 20amp current</p><p>Soft Start</p><p>Battery Range 18 Amphr to 250 Amphr</p><p>Charges GEL Lead Acid Calcium Batteries</p><p><br/></p><p><br/></p>