Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer 6Litre *HANDY
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This little beauty is not going to burn a hole in your wallet, but it will keep the Bevvies cool or the snacks hot, on your Outdoor Adventure!

Compact and lightweight

The Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer is a lightweight box that will keep your beverages and food warm or cool; depending on how you want them. When used as a cooler it keeps canned drinks, bottled drinks, sandwiches, fruit and salads fresh and cold without using ice or cold packs. No more digging around icy water for soggy foods and dripping drinks. This is also ideal for storing temperature sensitive medicines when travelling. As a warmer, the Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer keeps pre-packaged/pre-heated meals, take out foods, soups and stews, leftovers, baby food jars and baby bottles safe and warm, ready to eat while on the road.

Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer Features:

-Compact, lightweight unit

-Ideal for travel

-Perfect for day trips, picnics, lunches or the beach

-Thermoelectric system cools or warms below or above the ambient temperature

-Insulated construction helps keep contents cool or warm, even after disconnecting from the power source

-Capacity: 6 litres (equivalent to 9 cans of soda)

Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer Specifications:

-Voltage: 12VDC

-Current Draw: 4A

-Cooling performance: 20 degrees celcius ambient temperature

-Minimum Temperature: Approximately 5 degrees Celsius

-Maximum Temperature: Approximately 65 degrees Celsius

-Capacity : 6 litres

-Fused Plug: 10A

-Dimensions: Exterior: 273(D) x 310(L) x 177(W)mm

Interior: 200 Deep x 200 Long x 130 Wide (mm)