KNEEBOARD, LOOSE UNIT, KARVER *$1 Res Warranty Return*
Only $50.00


The Economical Loose Unit Karver Kneeboard. This is the lowest prices Kneeboard in New Zealand <br/> <br/>Ideal entry level board and for those on a limited budget. <br/> <br/>Foam recessed shin pads and wide webbing security belt <br/> <br/>Non retractable hook. <br/> <br/> ***NOTE: This is a warranty returned board. The foam has lifted right around the edge. STILL TOTALLY USEABLE, but doesnt look perfect. HENCE $1 Res. IF IN ANY DOUBT PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOARD****** <br/> <br/>BARGAIN!!!! <br/> <br/>Cosmetic imperfection has been declared, if in doubt do not buy, as there is no return for the defects stated, hence rediculous price. <br/> <br/> <br/>**PLEASE NOTE THIS BOARD IS CLEARLY BEING SOLD AS A SECOND HENCE A FRACTION OF RETAIL** THE ISSUE IS THAT THE FOAM LIFTS OFF AROUND THE EDGE OF THE BOARD> *** IF IN DOUBT DONT BUY ** BOARD IS BEING SOLD AS IS WITH DECLARED ISSUE***** SO NOT RETURNABLE FOR THIS ISSUE ITS BEING FULLY DECLARED AND REFLECTED IN THE PRICE. **** PLEASE PAY $250+ ELSEWHERE IF A PERFECT BOARD IS NEEDED*****