Ultimate 12v, 3-in-1 Jump Starter SpiralWound Batt
Only $175.00


Never be caught out with a flat battery in the car or boat. This is top quality unit and at a great price. <br/> <br/>The 3 in 1 Jump Starter! <br/> <br/>This model is perfect for getting a car, motorbike, or a light ute back up and running when the battery goes flat. <br/> <br/>This versatile jump starter comes with a built-in 5.5A spiral battery that is equivalent to 8Ah Lead Acid Battery. The spiral battery does not leak, has longer storage time (up to 5 times longer than the lead acid battery) and can operate under temperatures between -40 to 70°C. It also features a 12VDC cigarette lighter socket for operating 12V appliances and a 5VDC 2.1A USB socket for charging and operating USB devices. The LCD display not only displays the battery capacity of the jump starter, it will also display the capacity of the vehicle battery when connected. <br/> <br/>Features: <br/>• Built-in 12V 5.5A Spiral battery <br/>• 300A Cranking jump start power <br/>• 1 x 12VDC cigarette lighter socket for running 12V appliances <br/>• 1 x 5VDC 2.1A USB socket for charging USB devices <br/>• LCD display to show the battery level of both car and the jump starter. <br/>• Mains charger included <br/>• Jump start lead length: 550mm <br/>• Dimensions: 210(W) x 205(H) x 95(D)mm <br/> <br/>BEWARE OF THE CHEAP AND NASTY JUMP START PACKS>>>> THE BATTERY WILL BE DEAD WITHIN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!