Waeco PV100 Vacuum Wet n Dry
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Battery- operated vacuum cleaner. Perfect cleaning performance: The PowerVac battery gives you up to 18 minutes of uninterrupted operation. Then it's time to connect it to the mains for recharging. Using the connection that is part of the set, recharging takes between 10 and 14 hours. The process is electronically controlled to prevent overloading. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 3.8 litre dust container and reusable fabric filter, both of which are simply taken off for emptying and cleaning. In addition to the mains connection and a handy shoulder strap, the set also includes various attachments for cleaning upholstery and narrow gaps. PV-100: Dirt sources like leaves, sand and breadcrumbs are a fact of life for every car driver and the owners of mobile homes and caravans are not spared either. But who has the time or the patience to lug out the domestic vacuum cleaner along with the cable drum or drive over to the petrol station day by day? Here is a quicker and more convenient solution: the PowerVac Vaccum Cleaner. Nothing escapes its extraordinary cleaning power, even the most clinging dirt won't. Liquids present no problem either for the versatile dry and wet cleaner. Compact and handy, the PowerVac can be easily stored in the vehicle interior, the garage or the storeroom. Vacuum Cleaner: Dimensions H320 x W270 x D198 mm Weight 2.2 kg Capacity 3.8 L Power 90 W Voltage Motor: 12 V DC; Battery: 12 V DC, 2.6 Ah Warranty 1 year warranty Other QUALITY FEATURES: - Rechargeable maintenance-free 12-volts battery - Various nozzle adaptors - Practical carrying handle - Easy to clean (fabric filter) - Wet/Dry