PropOne, Propeller Growth Protection System 250ML
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At Last the boat owner can prepare and apply a Propeller Growth Protection System , with this 250ML PropOne <br/> <br/>This kit will be enough for up to 2 Propellers 18 Inch to 24 Inch, 3 or 4 Blades <br/> <br/>Prop One is a two coat system comprising of an anti corrosive Primer Coat and a Foul Release Coating. <br/>The Clear Coat is a non -biocidal, low surface energy coating which prevents Organisms strongly adhering to the surface of he propeller and fast moving components permanently immersed. Organisms can easily be dislodged one the boat is placed in drive. <br/> <br/>For this product to work a good effort at cleaning and preparing the propeller is required before application. <br/> <br/>***NOTE FILE PIC ONLY***** Doesnt reflect actual kit for sale