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PowerTrain Quality 2000w Pure Sine wave Inverter <br/> <br/>This Pure Sinewave Inverter will easily run a number of house hold appliances from either a car battery or boat battery, or in situations when you don't have access to mains power but have a 12vdc power source available. Ideal for camping and boating or as a permanent source of power in an off-grid situation. Being pure sine wave you can confidently run any type of appliance. Where lower quality modified sine wave inverters are often unsuitable for powering a number of appliances. It will run any form of entertainment equipment such as TV and DVD players, and any sensitive computer equipment such as laptops and PC's. It also has a USB socket for charging MP3 players , iphone's or other devices. <br/> <br/> <br/>Powertrain Pure sine inverters are designed to efficiently produce 240volt AC, the same as found in your household power outlets allowing you to run more of your household appliances from your vehicles battery. <br/> <br/>Features <br/> <br/>• Heavy duty design. <br/> <br/>• Pure Sine waveform <br/> <br/>• LED display - Battery status & Output Power <br/> <br/>• Pre terminated cables included for easy connection <br/> <br/>• Thermostatically controlled cooling fan <br/> <br/>• Tempurature and Overload protection <br/> <br/>• Low & High Voltage overload protection <br/> <br/>• Compact design with mounting holes for permanent fitting if required. <br/> <br/>• CE, EMC, SAA & C-Tick Approved. <br/> <br/>Model No: PT2000WL <br/> Waveform Type Pure Sine Wave <br/> Output 240V AC / 50HZ <br/> Continous Output 2000W <br/> Number of 240V Sockets 2 <br/> Input Voltage 11 - 15 V DC <br/> Low Voltage protection 9.5 V + - 0.5 V DC <br/> Safety Protection Short Circuit, Overload, Over Temperature, Over & Under voltage <br/> Weight 5.36 Kg <br/> Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 470 x 200 x 82 <br/> Working Temperature -15ºC to 50ºC <br/>Remote On /OFF switch