UNIDEN UH850S-2TP Uniden Tradesman's pack
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Tradesman’s Twin Pack version of UH850S – with additional items: <br/> <br/>1 x Twin Desktop Charge Cradle <br/>1 x Magnetic Mount Antenna <br/>1 x Waterproof Carry Case <br/>1W / 5W switchable power <br/>17kms range 1(LOS) <br/>Up to 24hrs Operating Time <br/>Long Life 2200mAh Lithium-ion Battery <br/> <br/>Metal Alloy chassis | Waterproof <br/>Desktop Charger | Cig-Lead Cable <br/> <br/>Master Scan™| Rapid Scan | Voice Scramble <br/>1 x External Speaker MIC | 1 x Earpiece MIC <br/>