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The Economical Loose Unit Karver Kneeboard. This is the lowest prices Kneeboard in New Zealand Ideal entry level board and for those on a limited budget. Foam recessed shin pads and wide webbing security belt Non retractable hook. ***NOTE: This is a Cosmetic Imperfection Board, it has some small hollows in the moulding on the underside, OR the FOAM KNEEPAD IS LIFTING AROUND THE EDGES of the board***** BARGAIN!!!! Cosmetic imperfection has been declared, if in doubt do not buy, as there is no return for the defects stated, hence rediculous price. PRICE MAY VARY FROM TRADE ME TO MY WEBSITE **PLEASE NOTE THIS BOARD IS CLEARLY BEING SOLD AS A SECOND HENCE A FRACTION OF RETAIL** THE ISSUE IS THAT THE FOAM LIFTS OFF AROUND THE EDGE OF THE BOARD> *** IF IN DOUBT DONT BUY ** BOARD IS BEING SOLD AS IS WITH DECLARED ISSUE***** SO NOT RETURNABLE FOR THIS ISSUE ITS BEING FULLY DECLARED AND REFLECTED IN THE PRICE. **** PLEASE PAY $250+ ELSEWHERE IF A PERFECT BOARD IS NEEDED*****