Toilet For Marine or Camping ..Forget the Bucket
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Forget ever using a bucket again! Way more comfortable than a bucket , you will be able to squat on the Throne for hours! <br/> <br/>Basic long drop system, remove the lid, lower the seat and your deposit your goods into the chamber. <br/> <br/>So Economical it could almost be considered Disposable!! If you want to be really stingy, just line chamber with a high grade, plastic liner and then just remove liner and re use... <br/> <br/>Dimensions: 340cm High , 420cm Wide, 500cm Front to Back <br/> <br/>Perfect for emergencies with children <br/> <br/> Stop dreading the call of nature when you're out enjoying your outdoor trip. This Portable Toilet with 7L Capacity Tank is your first line of good sanitation if a toilet is not accessible. It's very economical it could almost be considered a disposable unit. So the next time you go fishing, bring this Portable Toilet with 7L Capacity Tank and you'll never be caught unprepared ever again. <br/> <br/>Portable Toilet with 7L Capacity Tank Features: <br/>•Basic type without flush <br/> <br/>•Easy to clean <br/> <br/>•Seat diameter: 230mm <br/> <br/>•Waste tank capacity: 7L <br/> <br/>NOTE: File Pic, Colourway subject to change, depending on stock.