EPIRB, ACR ResQMate 406 MHz, Locator Beacon
Only $499.00


Don't compromise the lives of yourself or your loved ones, at this, price kit your boat out with one of the highest levels of safety .

The all-new ResQMate™ Class 3 EPIRB is specifically designed to meet Australian and New Zealand standards. Smaller, lighter and tougher, this high tech beacon is readily installed onto vessels of all sizes and types, making it easy for you to meet the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) requirements. And the beacon is competitively priced!


•NEW: Send I'm OK Messages (optional 406Link.com non-emergency messaging service)

•Efficient, durable LEDs

•Non-hazmat batteries - no shipping hassles

•Professional grade design, years of useful life, holds up to abuse

•Ability to self-test, or verify that the system is working

•Bulkhead mount for easy mounting and quick removal.

Product specs

•Size: 17.7 X 10.67 X 9.09 cm

•Weight: 563g with lithium battery

•Material: High impact UV resistant polymer

•Colour: ACR-treuse™ (high visibility yellow)

•Waterproof: 10 min at 10m (33ft)

•Buoyant: Yes

•Deployment: Manual

•Battery: Non-Hazmat lithium battery, Class 2:

•48 hrs. minimum @ -4° F (-20° C)

•Operating: -4º to +131º F (-20º to +55º C)

•Storage: -40º F to +158º F (-40º to +70º C)

•Replacement: Battery replacement due no later than 6 years from date of manufacture but 5 years from date of install or after emergency use

•Frequencies: 406 MHz with 121.5 MHz homing

•Strobe: White, LED effective candela

•Flash rate: 25 ± min

•Approvals & Standards: Meets Class 3 (AS/NZ 4280.1) EPIRB

•Warranty: 5 years

Note this is a non GPS unit, but is still satellite monitored 406 MHZ