Mooring Buoy With 74 Inch Mast!! , Makes Life Easy
Only $145.00


Forget all that struggling you used to do with the boat hook, as you approached the mooring buoy,
Just lean over and grab your mooring without a boat hook! Makes your mooring easier to find, and prevents it from being run over by other boats.

Tough 74 Inch fiberglass pole, vinyl coated metal weight, and sealed PVC white float for maximum buoyancy.

•Bright band for high visibility
•Made in U.S.A.

Please note the float on the buoy is not overly large so you may have to tether this buoy to your existing buoy if the mooring tackle is very heavy. Suits smaller sized moorings.

Also please note , this buoy may not be suitable if your mooring is in a high flow rate, tidal zone, as it may not sit upright during strong tides.

DUE TO THE LONG LENGTH OF THIS PRODUCT I AM UNABLE TO SHIP, SO PICK UP ONLY , despite the listing possible showing a shipping option.