BEP 720 DP Dual Pole Battery Switch *NZ LOWEST PRICE**
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720-DP Double pole battery switch Is a welcome addition to the BEP battery switch range. It has the same dimensions and features as the 720 battery switch. The 720-DP also meets the needs of vessels being built to survey requirements where positive and negative supplies must be isolated at the same time.

720-DP Specifications:

•Continuous Rating: 400 Amps DC

•Intermittent Rating: 525 Amps DC

•Cranking Rating: 1500 Amps DC

•Voltage Rating: 48 Volts DC

•Operation: On/Off two poles

•Mounting: Recessed or surface

•Termination Stud Size: 4 x 12mm (1/2")

•Tin plated copper studs and nuts

•Dimensions: 102 x 102 x 90H (4 x 4 x 3.5H")

•Ignition protected


BEP recommends the 720-DP for isolating positive and negative circuits. We do not recommend it for switching house and start battery systems at the same time. We recommend separate switches for house and start for safety reasons. You may need to isolate your engine battery in an emergency and not your house battery, which typically powers the communications