Keter Milan Upholstered Outdoor Storage Box 110L
Only $185.00


The Keter 110L Milan Upholstered Cushion Storage Box is ideal for storing cushions, throws, and other outdoor entertainment accessories to keep them out of the rain. With a 100% hydrophobic polyester resin cover that offers UV protection and water resistance, this bench stands the test of time.

 Its resin design is one of the best materials for outdoor use because the fabric prevents fading & rotting, it won't unravel and it won't rust. 

With a watertight design & quick dry foam, you can store belongings inside without fear of any damage. The cover is also easy to clean. In short, you'll be able to enjoy the look and function of the bench year-round without the hassle of any maintenance. 

FEATURES Multi-functional storage bench Year-round use in any outdoor living setting Made from polypropylene resin plastic to ensure its durability Watertight box protects contents against rain 100% hydrophobic polyester cover UV and water-resistant cover coating Quick-dry polyurethane foam pad Quick assembly 

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: W110 x D48 x H32cm Storage capacity: 110L storage capacity Weight Capacity: 280kg Material: Resin