Only $1159.00


Ideal for single handed sailing, once you have used one of these little beauties, you would never be without one again!

Classic tiller pilot with powerful drive unit, improved waterproofing and advanced programming

Designed for tiller-steered sailboats to 4500kg., the ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus can accept NMEA data directly for super accurate navigation to a waypoint. They are the only tiller auto pilots with LCD displays as standard equipment. And their simple six button keypad like all Autohelm series pilots can be customized for optimal steering of a wide range of boats. Increased waterproofing starts with a double shaft seal made from silicone rubber, which keeps water at bay. Intelligent software minimizes battery draw by reducing unnecessary corrections. The ST2000 Plus is like the 1000 Plus but with a more efficient recirculating ball drive for larger boats and greater loads.

•Backlit LCD display of heading, locked course and navigational information

•Integral fluxgate compass

•AutoTack lets you handle the sheets, while the pilot tacks the boat and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power

•Accepts NMEA data directly for accurate navigation to a waypoint

•Intelligent software minimizes battery draw by reducing unnecessary corrections