Uniden UM455 VHF Radio ***NZ NEW NOT PARALLEL***
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WHY BUY PARALLEL IMPORT VERSIONS, WHEN FOR ONLY A FEW DOLLARS MORE YOU CAN BUY NZ NEW , WITH FULL SERVICE AND BACK UP FROM UNIDEN NEW ZEALAND. <br/> <br/>****PLEASE NOTE: Uniden New Zealand records all serial numbers of New Zealand sold product. IF YOU BUY PARALLEL IMPORTS FROM OTHER TRADE ME SELLERS, AND THE UNIT FAILS, THAT UNIT WILL NOT BE TOUCHED BY UNIDEN NZ FOR REPAIR******* <br/> <br/>Top of the line Marine VHF radio by Uniden. <br/> <br/>Perfect for off-shore communications, this water resistant UM455VHF is the flagship of all VHF marine models. Equipped with dual speakers for better sound clarity and an optional GPS receiver for position input, or output received positions to an optional chart plotter. It boosts the transmission power from 1 watt to 25 watts for maximum transmission distance. Comes with a large LCD display and backlit keypad for low light conditions. The microphone and controls are made out of non slip rubberised material to make it more comfortable and safe to handle. It also has a JIS7 water-resistance certification and this speaker microphone is submersible. <br/> <br/>Designed and engineered in Japan to offer outstanding performance, Uniden’s UM455VHF is durable and ideal for boating, marine, fishermen, commercial use and so on. <br/> <br/>• VHF Marine In-Boat Radio <br/>• Submersible Speaker Microphone <br/>• Rugged Waterproof Housing <br/>• DSC (Digital Selective Calling) <br/>• GPS Input / Output <br/>• Dual Speakers <br/>• Built-In PA Output <br/>• Full Dot Matrix LCD Display <br/>• 1W / 25W Transmitter Power Level Select <br/>• Variable Squelch Level Knob <br/>• Volume Control Knob <br/>• Intuitive Menu <br/>• Triple Watch Mode <br/>• One-Touch Channel 16/67 <br/>• Programmable Memory & Scan <br/>• International Channels <br/>• Battery Level Display and Tone <br/>• Backlit Keys and Display <br/>• 2 year warranty <br/>• Dimensions: 162(W) x 126(D) x 65(H)mm <br/> <br/>***Mr Marine Limited is approved seller of Uniden Marine VHF radios, full New Zealand warranty.*****