Rechargeable COB LED Work Light! 300 Lumen, Handy
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<p>POWERTRAIN COB LED Rechargeable work Light.. Extremely Bright and Tough<br/><br/>This Work Light features 2W COB LED lights designed to give you the brightness needed for roadside emergencies, boating, camping, workshop or any auto activities. Unlike conventional Fluoro work lights, this is a rugged and robust unit capable of withstanding the hardest of knocks! The unit provides you with a hanging hook that allows you to complete those hands-free operations.<br/><br/>Work Light Features: <br/><br/>- Rugged and robust design <br/>- Hands-free operation <br/>- Built-in rechargeable batteries<br/>- Comes with AC Power Charger <br/>- Comes with 12v DC cigarette plug charger <br/>Battery : 3.7Vc 1900MAH<br/>Charge time 3- 4 hors<br/>Working time. One : 3.5 hours<br/>Two: 3 Hours<br/>3 Magnets on The Stretching Rod<br/>The brightness is adjustable with a button push.</p><p>Lenght 30cm. Bulb Length 14cm<br/><br/><br/>Elsewhere up to $69.95 SAVE! </p>