WAECO, Compressor Fridge, CDF35AC, BONUS PACK
Only $889.00


Top Quality WAECO Brand, Compressor Fridge, CDF35 With Bonus AC Adaptor and Thermal Bag.

Due to the optimization of the outside dimensions, this Compressor fridge/freezer fits easily in the car or the boat.

Even with high ambient temperatures, the cooling is excellent and of course the freezing as well.

Gross Capacity 31 Litres

CB-CDF35 insulated protective cover

AC Adapter EPS817

Power source 12/24 volts DC + 240 volts AC (AC Adapter included)

Weight 15 kg

Dimensions W340 x H380 x D560 mm

Cooling capacity Up to 45°C below ambient

Full 2 year warranty on compressor and 1 year warranty on all other parts

Price may vary from T M to my Website