Sani Pottie 976 Marine Portable Toilet by Dometic
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<p>Compact, durable and lightweight portable pressurised toilet.<br/><br/><br/>Our aim is to improve your travel experience and let you enjoy comfort like at home - no matter where you are. SaniPottie Portable toilets - already a big seller in the US are great for caravans and motorhomes, trailers, boats, camping, cottages, trucks, bedside, potty training, work sites and more! Compact tanks - lots of capacity. Light weight, made of high-density polyethylene they are strong and tough and have adult-size seat and lid for the added comfort and safety.<br/><br/><br/>Dimensions D387 x W333 x H387 mm <br/><br/>Weight 5.9 kg <br/><br/>Capacity 18.9 litres </p><p>Flush water Tank 8.9L<br/><br/>Warranty 1 year <br/><br/>Other - Colour: Grey<br/><br/>- Convenient top-mounted port is easy to fill. Access self-contained 18.9 litres freshwater supply.<br/><br/>- Durable design - High-density polyethylene blow-moulded construction provides strength and toughness. <br/><br/>- Scratch-resistant matte finish which is easy to keep clean - looks new for years.<br/><br/>- Light weight - since it weighs less than 6 kg, you can easily take a SaniPottie toilet with you.<br/><br/>- Comfortable adult-size seat and lid provides both comfort and safety. Easily accessed side latches to lock the tank in place.<br/><br/>- Circular flush water motion for superior performance. <br/><br/><br/>**This pottie is my showroom display unit, as new, only taken out of box to show customers***<br/><br/>**SAVE***<br/><br/><br/> <br/><br/></p>