Dometic Power Care Tabs For Portable Toilets
Only $17.00


Check out these sanitation tabs for a hassle-free tank cleaning product. The Dometic Power Care Tab is very lightweight so that you can easily bring it every time you go on a boating trip. With its small size, you won't have a hard time finding a place in your boat to store it. A single tab is enough to clean your tank plus it prevents the formation of gas and unpleasant odours for your tank to look and smell clean. Bring the Dometic Power Care Tab with you to make sure that your waste-holding tank is properly sanitised when you are out on the sea.

Dometic Power Care Tabs Features:
•Prevents the formation of gas and unpleasant odours

•1 tab is sufficient per tank

•Breaks down waste into liquid to facilitate disposal

•Remains effective after freezing and thawing

•Easy to use

•Content: 16 tabs