WATER PUMP Dometic PP1210 Power Pump 12v 30psi
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Looking for a high-performance pressurised water pump? You'll love the Dometic PP1210 Power Pump because it's powerful yet quiet, and economical too. It's self-priming, so you can place it above the water tank. It also runs dry without damage. The maintenance-free four-chamber diaphragm design and compact, integrated filter that is easily removable for cleaning means it's easier to take care of. It comes with the filter and quick connectors for fast installation of the strainer and fittings. You'll be pleased with the low-noise operation and low energy consumption of this powerful pump.

For a pump that does all the hard work with you hardly noticing, get the Dometic PP1210 Power Pump!

Dometic PP1210 Power Pump Features:
•Powerful yet quiet and economical

•Self-priming: can be placed above water tank

•Filter and quick connectors included

•Runs dry without damage

•Maintenance free four-chamber diaphragm design

•Compact, integrated filter is easily removable for cleaning

•Fast installation of strainer and fittings

•Low-noise operation and low energy consumption

Dometic PP1210 Power Pump Specifications:
•Voltage: 12V

•Water flow: 10 l/min

•Pressure: 2.1 bar / 30psi

•Operating Current: 3.0A

•Weight: 2.2kg

•1/2 in hose connector

•1/2 in 90° elbow hose connector 0.5 inch threaded hose connector