High-Pressure 12v Air PUMP *ABSOLUTE QUALITY*
Only $295.00


This is an Awesome, Top Quality Air Pump. Ideal for obtaining High Pressure , effortlessly into you Dinghy, Sea Biscuit or what ever item you require a high pressure outcome.


This unit is ideal for using at the boat ramp to blow up your Inflatable Dinghies or Large Sea Biscuits.Or onboard the boat, to reinflate a stored dinghy.

The fully automatic operation and sixteen cubic feet per minute power of these new pumps makes inflating or deflating inflatables and towables a breeze. Simply set the dial for the pressure required, the pumps automatically stop when your pre-selected pressure is reached. Perfect for HP floor inflatable boats and all others as these pumps will automatically inflate both tubes and HP floors to full pressure in a jiffy. Model 13989538 includes a built-in precision pressure gauge. Both models feature a 5'7" flexible inflator/deflator tube and 9'10" power cord with alligator clips to attach to 12V battery power source. Complete with a handy shoulder bag and multi-diameter adapter set to fit a wide range of inflatables and towables including tubes, air mattresses and floats. Draw of 20A @12V. Maximum air pressure of 14.5psi.