Hull Cleaning Pads 3 With Built in Handle Large
Only $50.00
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Never struggle again with Hull cleaning ( or outdoor mould cleaning, at the house)

These are BRILLIANT! They cut through that nasty Hull grime and goo, like a knife through butter.

Forget those old scrubbing brushes and scotchbrites, the less dense weave means that the pad doesnt clog like a Scotch Brite.

Once you have used one of these beuaties, you will never use anything else again!

50% faster cleaning, saves time, and as we all know time is money.

It scrubs algae, grime, and other unsightly goo that collects along the wateline, and it doesnt have to be replaced every time you drop it , as it floats! Unlike your old style pads, with out a handle.

LARGE SIZE , comes with 3  Replaceable Pads For Extra Value.

Finish the job so much quicker with these Large size pads