QUICK GRIP Hull Cleaning, Suction-Cup Handle
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Perfect for steadying yourself while boarding, transiting a companionway or for cleaning a hull, QuickGrip features stainless steel hardware, and locking, super-grip suction. Installs instantly and releases with the flip of a lever. <br/> <br/>Never struggle again while cleaning your precious hull from the dingy. <br/> <br/>No longer will you be pushed away from the hull as you start scrubbing. <br/> <br/>No longer will you be dragged away from your hull by the tidal flow, whilst cleaning your hull. <br/> <br/>The Super Hol Tight handle features two large suction cups and study hadle, which will slide along the boat, but no let go. <br/> <br/>Also useful whilst swimming from your boat to cling to the hull. <br/> <br/>Suction cup Diameter 90mm <br/> <br/>