3 Stage Battery Charger for 12v Batteries!
Only $67.00


Power Train, 3-Stage battery charger. Maintains and extends the life of your battery! <br/> <br/>Input Voltage 185 - 255 V AC <br/>Boost and Absoption Stage 14.8V DC <br/>Float Stage 13.7V DC <br/>Charge Function : Pulse <br/> <br/>Suitable for charging small car and boat batteries up to 250CCA or 40 Amp/Hour <br/> <br/> <br/>Keywords <br/>smart battery inverter charger, batteries chargers, solar panels, 1000w, 600w, 200w, 48v, 1500w, power supply, 12v, Xantrex, Powertech, SMA, Kipor, Magnum , Victron , Ctek