Navman 3100 Replacement : Advan Sea Multi s400
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The Advan Sea S400 is a Quality replacement display for your old inferior Navman 3100 Multi or North star 310 series. <br/> <br/>This is a combo Depth and boat speed display,that is compatable with your existing Navman or Northstar Transducers. <br/> <br/>Quality made by Plastimo <br/> <br/>The advanSea S400 series uses cutting edge technology to provide accruate data for cruisers or racers. <br/> <br/> Accuracy, optimal legibility, flexibility and ease of installation are the key benefits of the S400 series, together with easy intuitive operation with direct function access. <br/> LCD screens with wide-angle viewing and super size digits for unmatched visibility. Watertight display facia (IP66); displays feature an anti-fogging coating for optimal saftey even in extreme conditions. <br/> The S400 series is available with a choice of compatible transducers manufactured by Airmar or Plastimo. The instruments can also operate as "stand alone" with intelligent transducers or an NMEA0183 source. <br/> The advanSea depth, speed and multi instruments are fully compatible replacements for the Navman 3100 and Northstar 310 series as the same tranducers can be used. <br/> <br/> The advanSea Multi S400 offers: <br/> <br/> All of the functions of S400 Depth and Speed in one unit. <br/>•Lower line: 22 mm high digits <br/>•Upper line: 32 mm high digits <br/>•Depth and speed trend indication. <br/>•Proprietry Bus interface and NMEA0183 input/output <br/>•Simulation mide <br/> <br/>