6m Orange WINCH ROPE with Generation 2 "S" Hook
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Top Quality, New Zealand Made, 6m Winch Rope, with Heavy Duty Hook <br/>The "Original Tenob Orange™ Wonder Rope" <br/>A Tenob® product manufactured in New Zealand. A 3 year replacement guarantee* is included. <br/> <br/>It now includes our New Generation 2, over 30%, stronger Tenob designed cold forged “S” Hook** <br/> Made from a space age low stretch HPP fibre which is up to 15 times stronger than steel. <br/> Very low stretch. <br/> High visibility Tenob orange™ colour. No more rusting wire or metal splinters in your hands. It will out last a steel wire many times. <br/> <br/>Very easy to fit. It will attach to the winch drum in the same manner as a normal steel wire. <br/> <br/>Look for this Tenob product by its distinctive Tenob Orange™ colour. <br/> <br/>Rope breaking strain: 3600kg. <br/> <br/>* Excludes abuse, neglect and colour fading. Fading does not affect the performance, durability or longevity under UV light of this product <br/> <br/>Suits boats up to 5m in length. <br/> <br/>Price may vary betweenv T.M and my WEBSITE