Electronic BIRD SCARER, 12v Sonic Bird Deterrer
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The Bird Chase Super Sonic is an outdoor sound device used to deter pest birds such as Seagulls, Pigeons, Crows and many others from large open areas. Each unit can be programmed to match the specific bird you are having a problem with, or set to general to cover multiple species of birds. Distress and predator calls of birds are broadcasted every ten minutes, when birds hear these call’s their natural instinct will be to leave the area. The Bird Chase Super Sonic is weatherproof and has a day and night setting.

Note: Results may vary depending on the type of bird and location. Please bear this in mind before purchasing.

Comes with a 1.0m 12v cord with Cigarette light plug.

It may be possible to run this unit from mains power if you get a 12v adaptor from your local electronics shop