Bird Deterrent, 230cm Spider ,Keep Decks Clean!
Only $73.00


Take back your boat! This Bird Spider will keep a large part of your deck clear from those pesky gulls. It is a massive 8 feet across. Bont let the horrible bird crap built up on your precious deck, and then set hard like concrete in the blazing sun... Not to mention how acidic it is, towards that lovely gloss finish!! New and improved 316 stainless-steel “arms” of the Bird Spider move with the breeze, deterring birds from landing and causing damage to your boat, rooftop, lights, signs and more. It’s easy to install and maintain and will not harm people or birds. Mount permanently (#10 screws included) or use optional Sandbag Portable Mounting Base for mounting on irregular canvas or other surfaces. The arms have been upgraded to rustproof 316 stainless steel for a longer-lasting bird spider. Polycarbonate tips. NOTE : SAND BAG BASE AS PER THE PHOTO SOLD SEPERATELY