Hyrdoslide RUNWAY, 64Inch Biscuit, **SAVE**
Only $169.00


Quality , Hydroslide , large 64", Flat deck tube. With "Comfort Top"

Hydroslide’s new Comfort Top tubes are designed with comfort in mind.
• The Edge to Edge Comfort Top Covered surface provides a soft, comfortable riding area.
• Performance is important as well; the embossed “Hydroglide” finish on the PVC bottom moves through the water with less drag.
•These tubes will hold up through the most extreme riding conditions because of their heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction.
•The one piece, high frequency welded quick connect, and injection molded rubber handles.
• Designed for two riders.

File photo, listing is for one biscuit but photo shows both underside and topside.

This Biscuit would retail for $250.