MEGAPHONE, 10W, Battery Powered, Mini Loud Hailer
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This is an Excellent Piece of Marine Safety Equipment. Just thing you need , when things get nasty. Now you can easily communicate short range. Be it in a Regatta, during a Storm, Ship to Shore, or even when that Prick just cant resist speeding by too close, with an enormous wake... no you can tell him what you think of his antics! A must-have aboard, this improved megaphone is the right choice for announcing at a junior regatta, political convention or whenever you want to be heard loud and clear. Powered by four C-cells, it produces impressive volume and clarity. It has a removable microphone on a coiled cord so you can use it attached or separately. Includes shoulder strap. 10 watts of amplification A compact yet powerful personal megaphone. Operation is simple; select speak with the switch, speak into the microphone, and it will amplify your voice. Adjustable volume level and in-built siren as well. Handle folds away for easier storage and transportation, and there’s a wrist strap for safety (especially when standing above a crowd). Features: - Folding Handle - Siren Generator - Carry Strap Specifications: Power Output: 10W Range: 200m (Approx.) Power Source: 4 x C (Not Included) Battery Life: 8-10hrs. Microphone: Unidirectional Weight: 700g (Excluding Batteries) Dimensions: 135(W) x 230(D) x 210(H)mm (Handle Folded Out)