MEGAPHONE, 25W, Battery Powered, Loud Hailer
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This is an Excellent Piece of Marine Safety Equipment. Just thing you need , when things get nasty. Now you can easily communicate short range. Be it in a Regatta, during a Storm, Ship to Shore, or even when that Prick just cant resist speeding by too close, with an enormous wake... no you can tell him what you think of his antics! A must-have aboard, this improved megaphone is the right choice for announcing at a junior regatta, political convention or whenever you want to be heard loud and clear. Powered by eight C-cells, it produces impressive volume and clarity. It has a removable microphone on a coiled cord so you can use it attached or separately. Includes shoulder strap. 25 watts of amplification If you need to be heard in a crowd, this is a great way to do it. Totally portable using 8 x C batteries (not included) for approximately 8-hours of operation. The powerful 25W amplifier and horn speaker will help your message be heard up to 500m away! The microphone can detach from the back of the unit thanks to a curly cable, allowing you to hold the unit above your head (in a crowd), but still speak clearly into the microphone. A built-in siren generator is also included, which is sure to get you attention. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and trigger activation provides straight forward operation and power-saving while not in use. Features: - Detachable Microphone - Siren Generator - Shoulder Strap Specifications: Max Output Power: 25W Power Source: 8 x C Batteries (Not Included) Effective Distance: Up to 600m Battery Life: Up to 6 Hours Microphone: Uni-Directional Dynamic Weight: 1.45kg (Excluding Batteries) Dimensions: 240(W) x 355(D) x 270(H)mm (without Microphone Attached