Rechargeable 14" Electric Fan with Radio and LED Lamp
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Stay cool this summer with this neat rechargeable 14" Electric Fan, with Radio, and LED Lamp. Ideal for the Boat, Tent, or Caravan. This low noise fan is the ideal size for a caravan, motorhome or cabin cruiser. Portable and rechargeable, You can put one inside a tent on a hot night. It is amazing how just a whiff of cooling air will help you sleep! A small torch is built in, as well as an AM/FM radio, so you can listen to your favourite radio station as you fumble your way around a tent for example. It has an energy save feature, and there is the facility to swap over the rechargeable battery with a charged one should you need to keep the fan going for a long time.The spare battery is a very popular option. Of course, if you have a source of mains power, you can run it indefinitely. Specifications: • AM/FM Radio • 400m3 airflow on high • Run up to 2.5 hours on high, or 5 hours on low speed • Supplied with mains charger • Dimensions: 410(H) x 385(W) x 160(D)mm