DUAL VOLTMETER, Panel/Surface Mount LED, 12v, 24v
Only $37.00


Monitors two power sources at once - ideal for dual battery installations. Mount it into your 4WD, boat, or caravan to keep an eye on multiple batteries. Especially important if you’re using one battery as a starter, and one to run accessories, to check they’re both being charged adequately. 10-60V range, so suitable for 12V and 24V systems. <br/> <br/>Features: <br/> <br/>- Panel or Surface Mount <br/> <br/>- Monitor Two Power Sources at Once <br/> <br/>Specifications: <br/> <br/>Operating Voltage: 10-60V <br/> <br/>Weight: 18g <br/> <br/>Dimensions: 49(D) x 35(Dia.)mm