Plug in LED Voltmeter, Battery Meter For 12v 24v
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Battery level indicator, what a handy little device, plus into your 12/24v socket and get an instant readout of the voltage. Now you can 100% sure that your battery is fully charged with this simple battery level indicator. Don¹t get caught out trying to start you boat and the battery is flat. This unit operates anything from 12C-30V DC and comes with a cigarette lighter socket or simple connect it directly to the battery so you can make certain that your car, boat, truck, bus or caravan battery is fully charged. Check the voltage output of your Boat,or Cars battery, quickly and easily. Simply plug this handy voltmeter into the cigarette lighter socket and get an instant readout of the electrical system's voltage. Specifications: Display resolution: 0.1V Accuracy: +/- 2% Operating voltage: 8 - 28VDC