12V 17Ah Jump Starter with Air comp USB LED light
Only $189.00


Never be caught out with a flat battery in the car or boat. This is top quality unit and at a great price. <br/> <br/>So much more than a jumpstarter. Sure, it has self-contained jumper leads and a huge 17Ah battery, so it’ll bail you out of many situations. But the real utility of this unit comes from the additional features. There’s a built-in air compressor to inflate tyres. There’s a 5-LED high power work light on the front so you can see what you’re doing. 2 x cigarette lighter sockets as well as 2 x USB sockets for powering and recharging many devices. An internal battery condition gauge helps you make sure it’s ready for action, and it’s all in a self-contained unit! Incudes mains and 12V charging adaptors. <br/> <br/>For More info on Jump Starters <br/> <br/> <br/>Features: <br/> <br/>- 400A 12V Jump Starting <br/> <br/>- 2 x USB Charging Sockets <br/> <br/>- 2 x Cigarette Lighter Sockets <br/> <br/>- Air Compressor with Tyre Inflator <br/> <br/> <br/>Specifications: <br/> <br/>Battery: 12V 17Ah Sealed Lead Acid <br/> <br/>USB Output: 2 Port 5V DC - 0.5A & 2.1A <br/> <br/>12V DC Output: 2 with Overload Protection <br/> <br/>Jump Start Amps: 400A <br/> <br/>Peak Battery Amps: 1100A <br/> <br/>Compass: Included <br/> <br/>Air Compressor with Tyre Inflator: Inbuilt with Air Pressure Gauge <br/> <br/>Fuse: 15A Included <br/> <br/>Work Light: Included <br/> <br/>AC/ DC Charging Adapter: Included <br/> <br/>12V DC Charging Plug: Included <br/> <br/>Dimensions: 285(L) x 227(W) x 310(H)mm <br/> <br/>Weight: 8.6 kgs <br/> <br/> <br/>NB: The fuse might be supplied separately in the packaging. To operate the jump starter please insert the fuse in the fuse slot located on the front face of the Jump starter next to USB output ports. <br/>BEWARE OF THE CHEAP AND NASTY JUMP START PACKS>>>> THE BATTERY WILL BE DEAD WITHIN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!! <br/>