Powertech Portable Cooler and Warmer 14Litre HANDY
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This little beauty is not going to burn a hole in your wallet, but it will keep the Bevvies cool or the snacks hot, on your Outdoor Adventure!

Compact and lightweight

Keep food or drinks chilled on hot days without the use of ice. Perfect for day trips, picnics, or days at the beach. It also functions as a warmer so you can warm up a coffee or a bottle of baby milk.
Here's a great way to keep your food and drink cool or warm in the car at the worksite or during the long road trip. It is extremely low noise and uses full foam insulation to keep it lightweight and portable. 12VDC powered, so it's simply a matter of connecting to your cars cigarette lighter socket and switch on either cooling or warming mode. Will fit a bottle of white wine or 2L bottle of milk lying down.

• Voltage: 12VDC
• Minimum temperature: 18°C-20°C below the ambient temperature
• Max Temperature: 65°C
• Capacity: 14 litres
• Power usage warming: 38W
• Power usage cooling: 46W
• CFC Free
• Dimensions: 490(L) x 305(W) x 270(H)mm