PLUG IN 150W Cup Holder Inverter with USB Outlets, **SO HANDY*
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The days of you mobile phone or laptop going dead on the boat , are over, with this handy little plug-in, 150w inverter. And best of all this inverter is modified sine wave , which eliminates those nasty spikes.

Extremely compact at only 150mm long (including the inlet plug). In addition to being a 150W modified sine wave inverter, it also has a USB port. You can charge or power your MP3 player or any other device that's normally used on a USB port on your computer.

Fits in the car's cup holder, plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and outputs 230VAC to power a variety of 230VAC equipment from a battery charger to a laptop power supply. Also features 2  USB port with 2.1A output, allowing you to quickly charge many modern electronics gadgets, including power-hungry Tablets. It also features electrical isolation to prevent sudden mains voltage at your cigarette lighter socket.

• Powered by cigarette lighter socket adaptor

• Modified sine wave

• USB Output: 5VDC 2.1A

• Dimensions: 165(L) x 60(Dia.)mm