REGULATOR, For Solar Charging, 20 Amp
Only $92.00


This charging regulator is suitable for charging 12V lead-acid batteries.

It is able to use power from a number of sources including: a 12V solar panel, or a filtered DC supply from 13.8V to 15V.

With an massive 20 amp current handling, this switchmode solar panel generator is lightweight, easy to install and does not require a heatsink.

It installs easily and features automatic operation, LED power indication and boasts an efficiency up to 99.2% @ 20 amps.

Not only does the regulator switch the solar panel in and out depending on the battery voltage, the regulator will disconnect the solar panel after approx 20 minutes at night fall to prevent any losses into the panel overnight.


* Completely Automatic

* Battery or Solar Power LED indication

* Australian Made


* Terminals: 6.4mm spade lug

* Suitable for 1 to 20 Amps

* Handles open circuit panel voltages up to 30 Volts

* Reverse Polarity Protected

* Efficiency: 97.0% @ 5 Amps, 98.5% @ 10 Amps, 99.2% @ 20 Amps

* Weight: 65 grams

* Measures: 66(L) x 51(W) x 34mm(H)